Peruvian Horses






     Rancho Micada is located north of Phoenix, Arizona,  in a valley known as Desert Hills.  Nestled in the foothills, this ranch was established in 1990 when the first Peruvian Horse, El Pirata Negro (Miller), was purchased.  It didn't take long to outgrow our Scottsdale home and move north.  Miller was joined by Regalo del Mundo, and then by Cebellina, because any respectable ranch needs a mare.  This small herd grew with the addition of Leona and, well, you can understand what happened next.


     Our bloodlines include *Piloto, *Mantequilla, Regalo del Sol, Cortesano+, *Pincel, and *Sol de Oro V.  Lots of *Sol de Oro V.


     Owners of Rancho Micada are Adam and Michele Wilson.  Keeping close watch over the herd of Peruvians are the Old English Sheepdog, China Doll.


     Standing at stud for 2011 is Relicario II, our 11 year old black stallion.  Relicario II is a grandson of *Piloto, sired by Relicario.  The strength, conformation and great bone structure of his sire and dam, Perla Blanca, are very apparent as you look at this gorgeous stallion.  Relicario II has gait galore.  He is sensible and a wonderful riding horse. We are very proud that we are his caretakers as he is exceptional.


     Call or e-mail for an appointment to visit Rancho Micada.  We are happy to show you around the ranch and always ready to show off our beautiful horses!  




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